Saturday, August 17, 2013

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

  Outlander by Diana Gabaldon is the story of Claire Randall and her adventure through the stones...
  In 1945 Claire and her husband, Frank, are vacationing in Inverness, Scotland, but Claire's vacation is about to get a little more adventurous...And Scottish.
  While searching for herbs located around a stone circle, Claire hears a faint buzzing emanating from the stones which rapidly turns into a loud humming, accompanied by sounds of battling men and galloping horses.
  Leaning in a bit too close, Claire falls through the stones, blacks out and is transported to 1743 Scotland. Almost 200 years prior to her vacation with Frank.
  It took me several tries to get into Outlander. I would read the first chapter or two and then abruptly give up. Then one day, I started Outlander again (before I even finished the book I was currently reading) and I couldn't stop.
  The entire series took me about 10 months to read and finish. Outlander reminds me of a long term relationship that I kept going back to, even though I had short flings with other books now and then. Diana Gabaldon's books are so detailed, the last few books in the Outlander series were no less than 1,000 pages each.
  I absolutely adore the Outlander series and its commitment like relationship. I've cried over it and I've reread some of my favorite scenes (i.e. the ghost Scotsman watching Claire brush her hair in front of the window in the first Outlander novel) over and over again. I even had the privilege of meeting Diana Herself.
  Diana Gabaldon, when I met her the second time, told me that I was mature enough to read and handle Outlander. At 12 years old.
  Outlander isn't just a book series, it's a lifestyle.
  Go to Scotland, attend the Highland Games, meet other Outlander fans, name your child Jamie or Ian (not that I've contemplated it...), and most of all, embrace the brilliance that IS Outlander.
  I'm lucky enough to say that (at a very young age) I'm an official Outlander fan.
  Diana Gabaldon's books are beyond incredible. Inhumanly amazing. Almost like you need to look at her and say, "How is it possible that this woman has created this masterpiece and well... How is it possible that she knows this many historical facts?!"
  Diana Gabaldon is a queen. A queen of literature.

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  1. Nicely done, Becca. Lallyhugs.

  2. Thank you, Cathy!
    Lallyhugs right back! <3

  3. Becca, I have only read/listened to Outlander... um, 12 to 15 times??? I am embarrassed to admit that I never caught that Claire heard the fighting and horses _before_ she went through the stones! ACK! I know I read things way too quickly, but really? Thank you for a great bit and insight.


  4. My mom admits to the same thing, Mary! I had listened to the audio book of Outlander before I started the actual book, so I knew it was them fighting when I started it... but truly, there's so much detail in her books, I'm sure I missed half of the foreshadowing that was there! ;-) Guess that means I need to reread them!