Thursday, September 18, 2014

His Favorite Cowgirl by Leigh Duncan

  As a newly found fan of Leigh Duncan and the Glades County Cowboys books, I was absolutely thrilled to dive right in to His Favorite Cowgirl. Before I started Leigh Duncan's latest release, I was introduced to her writing with Rancher's Son and The Bull Rider's Family, and I immediately fell in love.
  Ms Duncan's books are positively precious! Every time I finish one, I just feel so good inside. With a combination of lovable characters, intriguing plots, a twist that will make you come close to tears, and an ending that will warm your heart, these books have all the right ingredients to make a wonderful novel.
  Especially His Favorite Cowgirl.
  Hank Judd masters the art of riding horses, helping to run the Circle P ranch, and cattle herding...but after ten years of being a dad, he just hasn't been able to connect with his daughter, Noelle.
  In fact, there's another female who occupies his mind, almost on a regular basis, even though they didn't leave on the best of terms...ever since they broke each other's hearts.
  Kelly Tompkins.
  Kelly Tompkins hasn't been back to her grandfather's ranch (which happens to be the Circle P's ranch rival) since the day he kicked her out. She's become extremely successful working for the number one most popular cowboy boot company in the south, but still, she feels as if something is missing from her life...
  But what she doesn't know, is that you really can go back home.
  I am hopelessly addicted to Leigh Duncan's books. Positively, hopelessly, and undoubtedly addicted to her books. They are AMAZING! There is enough romance in His Favorite Cowgirl to melt your heart and make you swoon, but Ms Duncan keeps it classy (which I appreciate VERY much).
  I loved His Favorite Cowgirl. I loved Hank (very, very much), and I loved Kelly, which is impressive, because you all know how easily female characters can irritate me. After her character grew, I fell in love with Noelle as well, but most of all...I love the Circle P ranchers.
  I will, without a doubt, read more Leigh Duncan because I feel almost as if my life is incomplete without the Circle P ranch.

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