Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bookish Meets Boy by Dianna Dann

  The plot of Bookish Meets Boy is in the title. Book-loving (and book-living) Sophie Childers has just had her heart broken by her dirtbag ex-boyfriend. And what will any bookworm do when they've had their heart broken? Drown their sorrows in fiction.
  Which isn't difficult for Sophie, because she works at Bookish, a small indie bookstore that is well loved in her hometown.
  Sophie has sworn off all men, until Reese Fuller makes an appearance in her own little personal romance novel. It's obvious that Reese is the most charismatic, charming, and beautiful man in Florida, but there's one problem that could possibly turn Sophie off forever. One GIANT, hairball problem.
  This was such an enjoyable little story. I have been a huge fan of Dianna Dann's work for a while, so of course I gladly accepted when I was approached to do this review. But Ms Dann did warn me that this genre was a change of pace for her, and me (as a reader).
  In the end, Ms Dann had nothing to fear, because I adored this book. Any bookworm will find themselves in Sophie, in both "bookish" nature, and character.
  The only problem I had, was that I wasn't "in love" with Reese. I fell in love with another character named Hugh, who is basically a male version of Sophie (but less goofy, and more calm). Reese being Reese aside, I loved his and Sophie's story, their back and forth, and, of course, their giant conflict.
  This was a very fun, light read. Bookish Meets Boy is guaranteed to make you smile, lighten your mood, and bring happiness into your heart.

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