Saturday, February 20, 2016

Better to Have Loved by Christy Jackson Nicholas

  Based on a true story (the author's story actually), Better To Have Loved by Christy Jackson Nicholas is a tale to remember.
  It's 1967, and Julie is searching for something. Whether it's herself, a companion, or her future is unclear, but Julie knows that she won't find it at her home in Michigan. She travels to England, California, Spain, Scotland, and Denmark in search of whatever she needs to find herself...and love.
  Kirsten, Julie's daughter, is searching for her father. The man who has been missing her entire life. Without Julie's knowledge, Kirsten delves deep into Julie's history to see if she can find any trace of this mystery man. But if she finds him, will he be everything she had hoped for in a father?
  Unexpectedly, Better to Have Loved was a very memorable story. During the week, if I had to put my Kindle down, I found myself thinking back to Julie and Kirsten's story, wondering what on earth was going to happen. Would Julie end up happy? Would Kirsten find her father? Was something bad going to happen? I had no idea. But that intrigue had me positively begging for more.
  This book isn't perfect. Julie's character had certain traits that made me twitch (such as her way of speaking for a young American in the 60s), and it is possible for the reader to get lost with the different plots running parallel with each other. But anyone and everyone can find flaws with what they read.
  I'm very glad I was approached to do a review of this book, because I don't know if I would have picked it up if it weren't for the review request. I highly enjoyed this book. That's 2/2 now with Ms Nicholas' work, and I'm certain I will enjoy future work of hers as well.

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