Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Rancher's Lullaby by Leigh Duncan

  As a lover of Leigh Duncan's Glades County Cowboys books, I, of course, had a favorite cowboy who was a secondary character in all of the other books, and whose story needed to be written. Garrett Judd needed a book of his own.
  So, you can imagine my immense delight when Ms Duncan herself contacted me, and told me that her latest Harlequin American Romance was in fact going to be Garrett Judd's story, called The Rancher's Lullaby. I was THRILLED! I practically hopped up and down in the post office when I saw that my very own copy of the book had arrived for me to devour.
  Although, all of this excitement was only leading up to the moment when I would actually crack open the book's spine, breathe in that first scent of freshly-published book, and begin Leigh Duncan's story about my favorite Glades County Cowboy...
  Ms Duncan did NOT disappoint!
  Garrett Judd is in an automaton-like state of existence. Ever since he tragically lost the love of his life while she was giving birth to his son, he's been numb. Nothing can heal that wound that brutally ripped open his chest and stole his heart those many months ago. He can't even hold his own child without seeing her face. Nothing can heal that least, that's what Garrett thinks.
  Lisa is healing her own wounds when she enters this story. Lisa is hoping that opening her own store and devoting all of her time to her work will mend those broken pieces that fell apart when she caught her husband cheating on her. Business is slow for Lisa, and she fears that if it doesn't pick up soon, she may just lose all hope once and for all.
  Will music bring these two together and mend their broken hearts?
  Only The Rancher's Lullaby holds the key.
  And what a satisfying key that was (at least for me, because I don't want to spoil anything...but oh my gosh, I loved it so much)!
  Once again, Leigh Duncan has stolen my heart with her books. I am and always will be a life-long fan of her work. The Rancher's Lullaby was incredible, of course, and I cannot thank Ms Duncan enough for giving my favorite Glades County Cowboy such a wonderful story.

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