Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dudley and the Toy Keeper's Chest by Patrick Algermissen

  I haven't had much history with reviewing children's books, but thanks to the wonderful experience I've just had, I may have to start making it a regular occurrence.
  Reading Patrick Algermissen's Dudley and the Toy Keeper's Chest has awakened the child in me and reminded me of how magical children's books can be. I mean, think about it. These are the books that open the majesty that is the literary world to young readers, and starts the love affair with books that will last a lifetime.
  Dudley and the Toy Keeper's Chest is pure wonder. As soon as I started this wonderful little book, I was immediately sucked into Dudley's story with the hope that he, and the other toys, escape the evil clutches of Silas, a wooden wolf toy. This book made me want to transport into the Toy Keeper's shop and get lost for hours and hours discovering new toys to play with.
  Any child who is lucky enough to pick up this book will be transfixed with Patrick Algermissen's words and Kristen Pauline's gorgeous illustrations. (I know I was, and I am almost in my twenties.)
  But if there's one thing Mr Algermissen's Dudley and the Toy Keeper's Chest has taught us, is that the magic of a truly captivating children's book will stay with us forever.

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