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Chris Colfer Book Signing- 7/13/14

Meeting Chris Colfer

  As you all may know, I am an avid fan of reading, meeting authors, bookstores, and basically everything else that involves books. Which includes religiously checking my favorite local bookstores' websites to see if any of my favorite authors will be coming to Florida for a book signing.
  A few months ago, I checked one of my favorite bookstores' (Books and Books) website to see what new and exciting events they would be planning for the upcoming summer months.
  And I saw it. Well, I saw *him.*
  Chris Colfer, star of Glee, singer, actor, and author, was coming down to the Books and Books store in Coral Gables, for a book signing to promote his latest Land of Stories novel: A Grimm Warning.
  I've just found out that a good amount of my friends weren't aware that Chris Colfer had written and published actual, in-the-flesh, paper books, and it's true. Not only is this man incredibly talented, with the vocal cords of an angel, he is a wonder with pen and paper as well. His books are New York Times Bestsellers, and well-loved by readers across the world. 
  He is a sweetheart, an incredible role-model, and a wonderful person altogether. You can imagine my excitement when I saw that he was going to be only three hours away from my house, signing books at one of my favorite bookstores. 
  After making a three-hour trip to Coral Gables, checking into my hotel, and trying to get some sleep with a monstrous thunder storm booming outside my window, it was time. 
  I got up at 6:40 in the morning, and got in line, which DEFINITELY paid off...

  ...and we only had about twenty people in front of us! The line got so long, it wound through the bookstore, past the cafe, through the children's section and YA section, through the courtyard, and outside, where it ended about a block away from the store's entrance. 
  My party and I only had to wait about two hours inside, but that flew by like it was nothing. I had wonderful company, air conditioning, a booth to sit in, and crochet projects to work on. Everything was going by as smoothly as possible. 

(Seen in the children's section of Books and Books)

  Not long after we all sat down, it was time to get our books ready. 
  CHRIS HAD ARRIVED!!! (Although my excitement was a bit delayed based on the fact that I was temporarily deafened by the collective high-pitched, animalistic shriek of pre-teen fangirls.)
  But Chris was here and I was ready to meet him!

  I don't know what to say about the incredible Chris Colfer besides saying that he was beyond sweet and personable, he made sure that all of his fans got to say a quick, few, but meaningful words to him, and he ensured that every single fan of his got the remarkable experience they deserved. He was amazing. He was an absolute angel and the sweetest. He and I instantly clicked with our mutual love for Harry Potter, and we talked about our tendencies to fangirl/fanboy whenever the Wizarding World was mentioned. I will cherish the meeting with him forever!

My books! <3

I want to thank Books and Books for hosting such a remarkable event! This whole experience would not have been possible without your wonderful store. I want to thank Chris Colfer for coming to Florida and making my dream of meeting you come true. I'd like to thank my parents for keeping me company and making the hike all the way down to Miami, and I'd especially like to thank Zachary D. for swooping in at the last minute to snap a picture of me in front of Chris' table, and providing some of the best pictures from the event! You rock!

About Chris Colfer:

Christopher Paul "ChrisColfer is an American actor, singer, author and producer best known for his portrayal of Kurt Hummel on the television series Glee. Colfer's portrayal of Kurt has received much critical praise, and he has been the recipient of several awards, including Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Television Film at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards and two consecutive People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Comedic TV Actor in 2013 and 2014. He has also garnered many award nominations, which include the 2010 and 2011 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. In April 2011, Colfer was named one of the 2011 Time 100Time's list of the 100 most influential people. He wrote, starred in, produced, and novelized his first film,Struck by Lightning, which debuted at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. He is also a New York Times number-one bestselling author of The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, the first novel in his middle-grade reader trilogy.

Chris' Books:

The Land of Stories Series

Book                                 ebook

Book                                 ebook

Book                                ebook

Chris' Novel, Struck by Lightning

Book                                  ebook

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