Saturday, July 19, 2014

It by Stephen King

  Children are disappearing in the town of Derry. One by one, mothers and fathers are losing their children as they vanish without a trace, and the only reasonable explanation is that they're being snatched by some mass murderer/kidnapper. But the residents of Derry don't know that this evil force is beyond their control...beyond anyone's control.
  Except for the Loser's Club. Bill, Beverly, Ben, Mike, Eddie, Richie, and Stan are all eleven to twelve years old, and it seems as if they are Derry's only saving grace. But will they defeat this evil force called It, or will It take them out one by one? After all, they're only children, and It eats children for breakfast...
  As I write this, I am currently in the middle of reading and enjoying Stephen King's 11/22/63, and just like my experience with Doctor Sleep, I am taken by Mr King's way with words.
  When I first heard that the mysterious town of Derry plays an important part in 11/22/63, I figured that Stephen King's It must be read first, so I could get a decent idea of what to expect when I delve into 11/22/63's pages. I already knew It's plot from watching the made-for-TV movie numerous times, and I entirely expected the book to have some differences, but nothing too drastic, right?
  The book It is a completely separate entity.
  In my opinion, Stephen King's It was more difficult to get immersed in, unlike his later novels which I find much easier to read. His earlier novels are more iconic, but I strongly believe that, not only has Stephen King not lost his touch with writing, he's gotten BETTER.
  But, difficulties aside, It is an incredible book. Remarkable, iconic, poetic, terrifying, wonderful, and all of the right ingredients to make even the strongest of people tremble in fear of what goes bump in the night.
  Stephen King is a truly beautiful writer.
  Of course, like every other literature lover out there, I read the book and thought, "Oh yeah, the movie doesn't even compare!" (Although I did picture the actors as I read Bill, Bev, Ben, and the rest of the Loser's Club's story. It was great casting!)
  It will have dry parts, and some detailed scenes may (did I say may? I meant definitely WILL) make you nauseated, but it (It) is well worth it.
  Read It, enjoy It, and then read 11/22/63!

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