Saturday, July 5, 2014

For Atancia by Wren Figueiro

  There are many different opinions when it comes to watching a sequel to a movie, or reading a sequel to a book. Many times, opinions with be split in half. Half will say that sequels don't even come close to being as good as the first (book or movie) in the series, and half will say they're better.
  When it comes to Wren Figueiro's For Atancia, I am proud to say that I am a part of the latter half.
  When I first read Wren Figueiro's Atancia, I was sucked in instantly. It was nicely written, Atancia (her main character as the title implies) was entirely normal and not even close to being irritating, and the story was fast-paced enough to keep its reader (me) intrigued the whole way through.
  I started For Atancia expecting it to have the same effect on me as the first book, and was pleasantly surprised.
  For Atancia is told in Matt's perspective, unlike Atancia, which is told in her perspective. We come to unexpectedly fall in love with Matt at the end of Atancia, when we are surprised by a shocking turn of events that leave us breathless. But I won't go into that, I'll leave that part up to your imagination. Unless you plan on reading Atancia, which I strongly suggest! You'll find many incredible tidbits in Atancia, but even more so in For Atancia.
  I loved the sequel even more than I loved the first book.
  When I started it, I was reminded of all of the wonderful feelings Atancia (the book) first gave me. The sweat that beaded on my brow when I started to panic for my favorite characters' safety only intensified when I got deeper into the story. And in addition to that, Wren Figueiro has supplied a whole new cast of characters for her readers to fall in love with.
  I hope and pray that I will be the lucky recipient of more Wren Figueiro books in the future.

Book One                              Book Two

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