Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Enter Eternity by Honey Boudreaux

  It didn't take long for me to become interested in Honey Boudreaux's Enter Eternity. As soon as she approached me to read her book in exchange for an honest review, I read her synopsis, and was immediately intrigued with her story.
  Jillian knows the boy is in trouble as soon as she sees that he is alone and struggling to stay above water. She looks around, and doesn't spot the boy's mother anywhere.
  Jillian knows what she has to do. She rushes into the water and saves the boy, but this heroic act of bravery costs Jillian her life.
  She now has to Enter Eternity.
  Experience Jillian's many past lives with her, as she transitions from a married Native American woman fighting to keep her family safe, to a slave girl who is tired of being abused by her master, to a doctor in the future, struggling to put an end to a warped world. These are just a few of Jillian's past lives.
  Not only was I interested in the story enough to start it immediately, I became deeply involved with the characters and concerned with their safety as soon as I started the first chapter. As soon as I got a taste of Enter Eternity, I could not stop reading. As one life morphed into another, I found myself transfixed with Honey Boudreaux's words. Her characters' incredibly raw emotions and their struggles were so real and heart-wrenching, I can only applaud Ms Boudreaux for making me feel as desperate, strong, brave, and as terrified as her characters.
  Enter Eternity will have such a powerful effect on you, you will find yourself wanting to change the way you live, for the better. The only issue I had with this book is that I wish each section went into more detail, and we as readers could go deeper into each character's story.
  This book was beautifully done. I only wish it were longer.

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