Monday, August 4, 2014

The Prince's Ex by Nadene Seiters

  It's only been a few weeks since Simon, the prince of his home country, broke up with Amelia, but the wound feels as fresh as if it was opened yesterday. They were so close; engaged, and just ready to tie the knot, until he broke her heart. Amelia feels as if she'll never be able to trust a man ever again.
  Tina, Amelia's best friend, figures that if Amelia's not ready for a relationship yet, she could at least be up to having a one-night stand with a man, just to get back on the horse.
  Although that's not where fate takes her.
  After a few lemons, Amelia finds the man of her dreams, and it's not who she would expect it to be in a million years.
  The Prince's Ex is a very sweet, emotional, and enjoyable read. You will find yourself being easily sucked into Amelia's story. You will laugh when she laughs, you will swoon when she swoons, and you will find yourself becoming emotionally invested in her story and love life.
  I rated this book a three out of five, classifying it as "I liked it."
  I did. As I said before, it was enjoyable, and I found myself becoming emotional at all of the right points of the story.
  Although, I enjoyed reading about Tina's character more than I did about Amelia's character. I still was interested in what was occurring in Amelia's current crises, but Tina was just so funny! I would love it if Ms Seiters could write a book for Tina next.
   The Prince's Ex has imperfections, just as every novel does, but it is worth a read. This is the type of story that one would read outside, in summer, by a body of water. Pure bliss.

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