Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hobo: A Horror Short Story by Thomas Flowers

  There is nothing I love more than finding a story in the world of literature that can chill my spine like a Popsicle. Anything haunting, spooky, hair-raising, creepy, or anything remotely scary, I will devour in no time.
  I love a spooky story.
  When Thomas Flowers approached me to read his short story "Hobo," I was more than interested to see how spooky it truly was, and if it would haunt me as I tried to go to sleep that night.
  He succeeded.
  When I started Mr Flowers' short story, I was thrown off by the main character's name. Her name is one I read in a Stephen King novel recently, and I couldn't shake off the thought of picturing that character in this new role. I have to be honest, it threw me off a bit.
  Although, I was quickly sucked into Mr Flowers' story, and was very easily creeped out by what was occurring with the characters.
  If his intention was to creep his readers out, it worked.
  Imagine yourself in Beverly Marsh's position; you stop at a traffic light and you find that a homeless person is walking closer and closer to your car. Even though you can afford it, you decide not to give him money, or food. (Which, personally, I cannot even imagine. How charitable, Bev.)
  Now this person follows you home, and wants something in exchange for the money you gypped him out of...this person wants you.
  The only way to find out what happens is to read the book!
  But...I warn you. If you have a weak stomach, take some caution.
  You're going to need it.


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