Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Blackout by Stephanie Erickson

  Stephanie Erickson takes the "what ifs" of the storytelling world, and makes them a reality. Every plot that I read of hers is positively mind-blowing, and I've even told her this.
  How in the heck does she do it??
  The Blackout was just as amazing as the first book I read by Stephanie Erickson, The Cure. If anything, The Blackout will appeal to even more literary lovers than The Cure, because The Blackout affects humankind as much, or possibly even more so than the lethal disease in The Cure...
  Imagine you're spending your day as you would any other day. You spend your morning at home, possibly cleaning. Or you go to work, and see the coworkers you see every day. You take lunch, perhaps pick up your children from school on your way home from work, and everything is going as planned.
  Until the power goes out.
  But it's not just the power. Everything just...stops. Phones stop working, cars stop driving, light, power, electric, water in the pipes--everything.
  Now, this may not be the worst thing that can happen on earth (although, to some who are overly attached to their phones, it is entirely possible that this truly IS the worst case scenario). But when your husband is on the opposite side of the country for business, and you're home alone as scavengers come and start terrorizing the community, The Blackout may just be the end of you.
  This story is told in two perspectives; Molly's, who is in Florida fighting for her life, and Gary's who's in Pennsylvania, desperately trying to find a way to get back home to his wife...even if it means dying along the way.
  This book had my attention the whole way through. At no point did I ever feel that it was dull and lacking interesting scenes. It had me until the very end.
  Now that I've read two of Stephanie Erickson's books, and LOVED them, I cannot wait to start her latest and greatest novel, Unseen!

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