Sunday, November 16, 2014

Always Magnolia by Dianna Dann

  Bobby Jack Beaumont has lost his memory. Everything he's ever known, completely gone.
  After an accident that leaves Jack's memory entirely blank, Magnolia decides she must take it upon herself to remind him of who he used to be. Jack. Her friend, her confidant, her boyfriend...the love of her life.
  Magnolia and Jack have had their troubles in the past...but this is the present. Jack is an entirely new person now, and Maggie loves him.
  Maggie must bring his memories back, even if it's painful for him to hear what he's done in the past. She's hoping something will spur his memory to come back...but Jack has to learn that sometimes you can't believe everything you hear.
  I have to tell you, Always Magnolia is not for the faint of heart. This book is the ultimate puzzle. It will keep you guessing the whole way through its chapters.
  At first, I was a bit lost in this book's twists and turns, but soon enough, I became emotionally invested in the outcome of this story. It has a slow beginning, but believe me, the end will leave you speechless.
  Just as I felt with Camelia, I believe Dianna Dann has written a winner.
  Dianna Dann has an irresistible and different writing style that will capture the heart of each and every reader that picks up one of her stories.
  At least, that has happened with me.
  Although it took me a while to get into Always Magnolia's story, once I was in, I was done for. I thoroughly enjoyed it throughout the rest of the book, and I was extremely tempted to start over again and reread it as soon as I was finished with the last page.
  This book is dark, mysterious, mind-boggling, and completely irresistible.

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