Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Anxious Hearts and Bound Souls by Felicia Tatum

  When I read the first two books in Felicia Tatum's Scarred Hearts series, Mangled Hearts and Entangled Souls, I fell in love with Francesca and Cade and their story. Their romance was raw, emotional, and so real. But there was something distracting me from the "end" of their story...
  ...there were more characters whose stories hadn't been told yet; Daphne and Zander.
  Anxious Hearts is their story.
  Daphne is constantly battling a dark demon that takes the title of depression. It's a constant happiness sucker that invades her life when she least expects it. Every day is a battle for her, so she finds a way to escape it every now and then. She knows having one night stands with men she meets at clubs is a toxic way to deal with her depression, but if it can relieve the pain for just a bit, what harm can come from it?
  Zander is dealing with his own demons, but none as extreme as what Daphne faces every day. Zander's mother is just trying to control his life as his world crumbles around him. No big deal, right?
  When these two souls find each other one night, will it bring utter happiness, or chaos? Especially when their worlds will collide even more than they ever expected...
  When you read Felicia Tatum's romances, don't expect girl meeting boy, them falling in love with each other, getting married, having babies, and ending up happily ever after. Expect real situations with real reactions and real endings. Felicia's Tatum's Anxious Hearts and Bound Souls are anything but fluffy, cotton candy-like fantasy.
  They're real, which is why I fell in love with her Scarred Hearts series in the first place.
  I loved Anxious Hearts and Bound Souls just as much as I loved Francesca and Cade's Mangled Hearts and Entangled Souls, and I LOVED those books. A lot.
  Daphne and Zander's story will tear you apart, rip your heart into a million pieces, make you shed a tear (or ten), and put you back together in the end.
  I will always love Felicia Tatum's Scarred Hearts series. I look forward to many more books to come.

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