Thursday, February 19, 2015

Unseen by Stephanie Erickson

  Sometimes you come across a book so addicting, you can't do anything or think of anything without having this book occupy your mind every single minute of the day. This is what I found in Stephanie Erickson's Unseen.
  I was in the middle of a reading lull a little while ago, after just finishing a book I enjoyed, but didn't LOVE. I started to read another book by the same author, but that one didn't capture my attention either. I was bored, I couldn't concentrate, and all I wanted was a book extraordinary enough to provide Grade A escapism.
  Feeling at a loss, I put the book I was reading down, and I decided to pick up Stephanie Erickson's latest (at the time) book, Unseen. "Stephanie Erickson hasn't disappointed in the past," I thought. "Why not?" I read the back of the book and became even more interested in this new novel, and that's when I knew that this was the Grade A book I was looking for.
  Little did I know how much I would truly fall in love with it.
  Mackenzie Day has a secret that she hasn't ever had the courage to divulge to anyone, even her best friend. After Mackenzie's parents passed away when she was little, she was left to be raised by her cold aunt, and she grew to only trust herself with her deepest darkest secret.
  Mackenzie can read minds.
  She would give anything to be normal like her best friend, but until she starts being followed by the same two strange men, she won't know how truly special her gift is.
  These two men are part of the Unseen. They are fellow mind-readers.
  Now Mackenzie has to make a decision: Will she follow her birthright and join the Unseen, or does she decide to accept the job opportunity of a lifetime (something she's been working on all her life)?
  This book had me so involved in its story, I even went to a book signing the day I was reading it, and all I could think about was THAT BOOK.
  It was so good, it's become a book I will recommend to anyone and everyone in a reading lull. I swear it will guarantee an immediate extraction from said lull.
  Unseen was extraordinary. As soon as I finished it, I privately messaged Stephanie in a panic, bombarding her with questions all to do with book two. (Yes, there will be a book two, and three from what I hear.)
  As you probably know by now, I read. A LOT. I read a lot of good books, and books that deserve five stars. Rarely though, do I read book so intense and beautiful, I want to recommend it to everyone I know, and I have found that in Unseen. I wish I had endless Unseen reading material and endless time to read it in.

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