Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Daddy Catch by Leigh Duncan

  Although I started reading Harlequin Romances quite a while ago, I would say that I am still a bit new to the genre. Of course I've heard so much about them throughout my time as a reader, but I hadn't had much experience with them up until recently.
  Leigh Duncan, a wonderful Harlequin author, contacted me to read and review a few of her romances, I said yes, and took quite a liking to her stories. In fact, I loved them so much, and Leigh was so happy with my reviews, she even sent me more of her work!
  Well, recently I had a lot of time on my hands with my recent move up the coast, and I binge-read all of my Leigh Duncan books.
  ALL of them.
  But I have to say my favorite of the lot was...The Daddy Catch.
  The Daddy Catch was SO cute! I enjoyed every minute of it, and Ms Duncan's characters were positively lovable. Not to mention the heart-warming story line that made the perfect ending to such a sweet book. Doesn't every book need an ending like that?
  One piece of land. Two people ready to fight over who's going to purchase it. Some, including Dan, the love interest, want the land to be developed and become something more than just a spot to fly-fish. But no one wants it more than Jess. Jess runs a fly-fishing shop that holds more than bait and tackle; it holds her heart. She's put more than blood, sweat, and tears into her shop and her low-key life, and she's not going to let this hunky surgeon, who wants to hand over the land to greedy developers, come into her life and ruin it all.
  What will happen to this priceless land? And will Jess and Dan see past their differences and come a family?
  As I said, this book was SO cute. I adored every bit of it and was very sad to see it end.


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