Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Reckoning (Earth Haven #3) by Sam Kates

  The third and final installment of the Earth Haven trilogy is finally here, and the Literary Connoisseur's verdict is in.
  First there was the Cleansing of Earth Haven. Then, the Beacon was activated, which signaled to more toxic beings destined to destroy what we call home. And in the end, there will be a Reckoning.
  The Reckoning was an extremely satisfactory ending to an original Sam Kates story. As I expected, The Reckoning was missing the key elements that made The Cleansing (book one) magical. The Cleansing provided a fresh, new story that captured my attention at first glance. The Beacon held my interest and further dug me deeper into the story of Earth Haven. The Reckoning wrapped everything up (in as neat a package as possible). Like most trilogy endings, The Reckoning provided a story that didn't have me as enthralled as the first two, but in the end completed me. The third and final book may not be my favorite of the trilogy, but it was certainly fulfilling enough to have the Earth Haven series, once again, at the top of my favorites list.
  There were shocking moments in the Reckoning that I didn't see coming. There were well-needed character developments, and introductions to characters that were key to the story. The Reckoning contained everything needed in a "final book."
  I am giving The Reckoning four stars out of five, but I'm giving the Earth Haven trilogy five stars altogether.
  I am not a sci-fi fan. But I am a huge Sam Kates fan.


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