Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Adventures of Sally by P.G. Wodehouse

  The Adventures of Sally by P.G. Wodehouse was suggested to me by a close friend, as part of my "Recommended Reads for 2016" project. Of course, blindly going into a book without any knowledge of what it's about can be a bit intimidating, but I really should have known that I was in good hands.
  Sally Nicholas has just inherited a small fortune from a distant relative. Not surprisingly, Sally is a bit blindsided by this sudden increase in her bank account. But after some thought, this American girl decides to travel abroad and explore Europe.
  There she meets Ginger, an odd, flame-haired, eccentric young man. Sally thinks that once she leaves Europe, she'll never see him again, but life has a lot in store for Sally, and her adventures have only just begun.
  The Adventures of Sally by P.G. Wodehouse is undeniably charming. I won't lie, it took me a while to adjust to Mr Wodehouse's (almost hundred year-old) storytelling. But my solution was simple. Funnily enough, I started to read Sally's adventures in a Downton Abbey voice, and my brain quickly adjusted.
  In addition to the older-style narration, I can see readers stumbling on the drawn-out build up of The Adventures of Sally's plot, but I will tell you that any "dry" parts in the story will be well worth it in the end. Without spoilers, everything came together, in whatever neat little package Sally was capable of achieving.
  This book is positively charming. I came out of this reading experience delighted and even, yes, giggling. I adored P.G. Wodehouse's story of Sally and her adventures (or misadventures). This was certainly a successful book recommendation.

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