Friday, January 8, 2016

The Fate by Stephanie Erickson

  Penn is a Spinner. He is one of the three Fates that reside in the heavens, and the first male Fate to ever exist.
  It is Penn's job to pick out human lives, and spin them into threads that will be cut to the life expectancy his sister Fates deem fit, and eventually woven into the tapestry of humankind.
  But one particular life stands out for Penn, and he can't tear his gaze away from it.
  Her name is Kismet.
  She is perfect, she is everything, and she has stolen Penn's heart. As a Fate, Penn knows exactly how Kismet's life is supposed to play out...but he has no idea what's in store for him when he realizes he has fallen in love with one of his own creations.
  I have, of course, become addicted to another Stephanie Erickson original story.
  It is not an unfamiliar feeling for me to want Ms Erickson's books to be longer. There are many of her stories that I wish were 400-500 pages long, mainly because they are highly addicting and I cannot put them down.
  I especially felt this way with The Fate. Throughout the book, my mind kept defaulting to, "Everything is moving too fast. Things need to slow down." Before I knew it, The Fate was over. I have to say that that was my only complaint with this book. I want more details. I want to learn more about Penn, and his life before Kismet. I want to read about minor characters who will eventually play a bigger role in the story's future. I want more.
  Penn and Kismet's story is undeniably addicting, with enough twists and turns to make you deliriously dizzy. I adored Penn, and even grew a liking to the book's irritating character "Webber."
  I lost myself very easily in Stephanie Erickson's story--my only wish is that it wasn't over so quickly.

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