Tuesday, January 5, 2016

When Doves Fly by Lauren Gregory

  After years of suffering in the suffocating clutches of her possessive husband, Lily Wright has fled her home, and found sanctuary in a little town in the remote Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where no one knows her past.
  Taking place in the late nineteenth century, When Doves Fly comes with a bushel-full of problems, challenges, and life-threatening possibilities. Lily Wright has found solace in her new home, where she has opened her very own dry goods shop, but will this town, and the people residing in it, be her ultimate downfall?
  When Doves Fly by Lauren Gregory was a surprising read for me, in many ways. There were so many shocking moments in this book, I could barely keep up with Lily's "adventures" (if you can call her grief adventure-like). Because of that, I found myself almost unable to put it down. I desperately wanted to know in which direction Lily's life was going to go. Would she find happiness? Was her husband going to find her in Colorado? Who continuously keeps sabotaging her contentment?
  Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen next, another monkey wrench was thrown in my way, and I was knocked off my feet. I'm sure this was intentional, so the reader could understand what Lily was going through as she tried to turn her life around.
  When Doves Fly was an enjoyable read. The story can be painful at times, but the reading experience itself was not painful whatsoever. I see myself reading more of Lauren Gregory's work in the future.

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