Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dragon Justice by J.D. Hallowell

  After a traumatizing childhood as a servant, Simon has just committed an unforgivable crime against Lord Bastian's son, and Simon is on the move in an attempt to escape surely what will be a death sentence if he is caught.
  The only beings he has on his side are his own mother, his mentor Boron, and the dragon egg he has just witnessed being hatched. But Simon doesn't know that coming across this egg could mean fulfilling a destiny larger than he'd ever expect from his previous life as a servant.
  Simon has become a Dragon Rider. Feared by many, Dragon Riders are a part of a world Simon has only heard about in folklore. But this tale is soon to become a harsh reality for our Simon.
  As a reader of J.D. Hallowell's previous Dragon Rider books, I can honestly tell you that I was not disappointed with his new story. It was everything I expected and more.
  Like many, these books do have flaws, but it is easy to look past them and get lost in Simon and Sienna's story.
  In some ways, I actually prefer Simon's story to Delno's, which was quite an interesting revelation to have during my second read through.
  You will see some familiar faces from the other Dragon Rider installments, so be sure to enjoy Dragon Fate and Dragon Blade before you delve into Simon's story.
  Fantasy readers and long-time fans of J.D. Hallowell will not be disappointed with Dragon Justice.


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