Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Reaper by Stephanie Erickson

  In all honesty, I was a bit nervous to start Stephanie Erickson's The Reaper, her latest installment of The Children of Wisdom series. I am a huge fan of Ms Erickson's (huge, HUGE fan), but I felt let down recently when I read book one of the series, The Fate. I don't know what it was for sure, but I do know that there were aspects of The Reaper that made me realize what I was missing from my perception of The Fate.
  When I started The Reaper, I was afraid that it would miss that mark. The mark that Ms Erickson's Unseen made me feel. It's not that The Fate was missing that completely either, because I obviously enjoyed it enough to welcome The Reaper with open arms. And when I finally did start Michaela, the Reaper's, story, I was a goner.
  I fell in love with Michaela and her story so much, I just could NOT put the book down. Every time I was forced to accomplish mundane tasks such as eating, using the bathroom, and socializing with family, my mind would wander off to Heaven, Hell, and Earth.
  "Who is causing all of these souls to become imprisoned?"
  "What will happen to ghosts doomed to wander Earth for all of eternity?"
  "Why, Webber?! WHY?"
  I was fascinated with her life as a Reaper. I was sweating every time she had to break into and out of Hell. I wanted to cry every time she had to escort a soul from Earth into Heaven. This book had me experiencing every single emotion possible, and all in under 200 pages. I miss her. I actually miss her.
  As disappointed as I was that The Fate didn't capture my interest as much as Ms Erickson's other stories, I can now firmly state that The Reaper has rectified any previously conceived notions I established when I first started this series. I am chomping at the bit to get my hands on her third installment of the series, The Human.
  I positively cannot wait to revisit Michaela, and hopefully get some answers and a happily ever after!


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