Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Arrow by Maureen O'Leary

  After a traumatizing encounter with a demon virus, healer Fynn Kildare has departed from her family in the Keep, and accepts that she is destined to live a human life, and embrace the ugliness in the world that is humanity.
  But her mother has a different fate planned for Fynn. Her mother knows that she is destined to be The Arrow. It is her duty to protect the Keep and humanity from a destructive and terrible army of demons being created right this very minute...
  Will Fynn rekindle her old flame with famous rocker, Komo? Does Fynn have what it takes to save the world? Will she become the Arrow and rescue humanity from the evil clutches of an unknown force?
  I'm very sad to say that this book missed the mark for me. I read anything and everything, so the plot of the book itself didn't disinterest me.
  To be honest, with the right amount of editing, changes, and plot shifts, this story could be a winner. The possible outcomes of the characters' perspectives were the only aspects that kept me reading, when I so desperately just wanted to put the book down. In my experience, I felt that there was too much focus on the main character's obsession with drugs, and not enough focus on the progression of the story. I honestly didn't become attached to any of the characters, with the exception of one male who became likable about halfway through the book. (By that point, I wasn't happy with the main character, and was disappointed to discover that she and this newly turned-around character were going to end up together.)
  I've read reviews on Amazon saying how much they enjoyed Ms O'Leary's The Arrow, and I understand how someone can become enchanted with Fynn's story.
  I'm just sorry to report that the enchantment was lost on me.

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