Monday, November 4, 2013

The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans

  The Christmas Box is one of my all time favorite Christmas novels. The faith-based/Christmas genre is not one that I'm familiar with or generally care to read. Not for any particular reason. I just don't normally find myself in that section of the bookstore. When my mom proposed that I read it, I was apprehensive. But after her persistent coercion and nagging, I put down my Shakespeare (I was reading Hamlet at the time) and picked up The Christmas Box.
  From the very beginning, I was irritated with the overuse and repetitiveness of the word "ornate." Every time he wrote about something being ornate, I would lean over to my mom and whisper, "He used ornate again," receiving an aggravated glare from her in return. But as I read on, I grew to love it and became interested in the story and the character progression. Richard Paul Evans truly is a wonderful writer, little quirks aside. But every author has their quirks, including favorites of mine and authors of classics.
  Recently I posted on my blog my top five weepers; the five books that have made me cry the most in my experiences with reading. Now, if I were to expand that post and make it my top ten favorite weepers, The Christmas Box would most definitely have a place on that list.
  The novel is about a man and his wife and daughter who become new tenants in an old house, and move in with the widow, Mary, who collects unique Bibles. (If you know me, you definitely know that this is not my typical reading forte.)
  Richard Paul Evans originally wrote this book for his two daughters, Jenna and Allyson, so that when they're older, they can read it and understand his unconditional love for them. Shortly after he finished the novel, it was published. It is loved by many readers (including my mom, my dad and myself).
  If you're looking for a "feel good" Christmas novel that will make you tear up, The Christmas Box is the book for you.

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