Thursday, May 15, 2014

Complete by Lindy Zart

  All of the genres that Lindy Zart puts onto paper are amazing. I've read dystopian society stories by her and loved them. I've read a romance about grief and growth and I loved it. I've read Young Adult/New Adult romances centered around characters named Lily and Grayson, and I loved them just as much.
  I didn't think that I could love Complete (the sequel to Incomplete) more than the first one, but... I did.
  The more stories, pages, and writing about Lily and Grayson, the better!
  If you've read Incomplete, I'm sure you understand how anxious I was to start Complete. I put aside the many books on my TBR list for Lindy Zart's work. Yes, I love her books that much. If you have not read Incomplete, a) I wholeheartedly recommend it, it's a beautiful read, and b) here is where we left off.
  At the end of Incomplete, things aren't as grand as they should be for our two enigmatic main characters Lily and Grayson.
  Against Grayson's will, Lily has left him to his own devices so he can follow his dreams.
  But Grayson's dreams are incomplete (no pun intended) without the love of his life, Lily.
  I dove right into Complete without a second thought. Just like its title, I had to fill the empty gap that was currently inhabiting my heart. I was incomplete without Lily and Grayson's happily ever after.
  I read, and read, and read, and it paid off.
  Lindy Zart's writing is truly captivating. I love everything she's written! I thought it impossible, but it's true. After I had read Ordinary, Unremarkable, and Take Care, Sara, Lindy informed me that there's bound to be a book of hers that I will not love as much as the others.
  So far, I have proven her wrong. Lindy Zart's books are Anything But Ordinary.

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