Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sekret by Lindsay Smith

  Sekret by Lindsay Smith has to have one of the most intriguing plots I have ever read.
  It's during the Cold War in Soviet Russia, and things couldn't be any more tense. It doesn't help that our main character Yulia is a ward of the state and is constantly on the run in fear for her life. But that's not the only secret (or Sekret) Yulia is hiding. When she picks up items, she can find out details and secrets about their owner...details and secrets the KGB wants and needs from Yulia.
  Yulia is now being held against her will with other young adults with mind powers, learning ways to benefit the KGB and take over Soviet Russia.
  This book is unlike any other. Throughout, I kept thinking to myself, "Is this like (insert book title here)? No, it's like (insert other book title here). Wait, no it's not!"
  It is so different, so unique, and so unlike many YA books out there, it's quite extraordinary.
  This book was very addicting. I couldn't put it down for fear of something bad happening to the characters if I left them alone for more than five minutes.
  At the last stop of the Spring Fierce Reads Tour at the Vero Beach Book Center, I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Smith and I have to say, she was absolutely extraordinary! She was sweet, intelligent, and just amazing. I could easily see where the brilliance of Sekret came from.
  I actually returned to the Vero Beach Book Center a few days later, and on the way home, read as much as I could of Sekret before I got home. I could not put it down!
  The beginning will captivate you, the middle with entrance you, and the end will have you holding your breath. It's fun, exciting, and scary as heck!

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