Saturday, May 17, 2014

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

  We've all gotten into the Young Adult paranormal romances that have loved us, had us fall in love with them, used us, and abused us (in the very best ways a book can abuse us), and we all admit that we're hopelessly addicted to them.
  Girl meets boy, boy sees girl, they fall in love, but there is something keeping them apart...
  One of them is a paranormal creature that cannot fall in love with a human! (The best part of the paranormal romance in my humble opinion.)
  But Of Poseidon by Anna Banks is unlike these others... It is a real "fish out of water" story. Almost literally.
  The Syrena Legacy is about mermaids.
  Although Galen, his sister, and his best friend do not like to be called mermaids, they are in fact not mermaids, they are Syrena.
  Emma, our main character, bumps into Galen (literally) on her trip to Florida and cannot stop thinking about him. After Galen recovers from being semi-attacked by Emma, he starts to think about her non-stop as well. But Galen is not the only mysterious being in this new and budding romance... Emma is showing some clear signs of Syrena as well, but nobody has ever seen anything like it before.
  This book is HILARIOUS! I laughed so hard at times, I almost cried! Emma is completely 100% normal. She trips, she falls, she says embarrassing things in front of gorgeous guys, and she's basically like every single normal teenage girl I know. (No typical stereotypes, thank you very much, Anna Banks!)
  Galen is beyond charming, and Anna Banks' secondary characters are the most lovable characters in the bunch!
  Of Poseidon is such a charming read. It's funny, witty, adorable, goofy, and I loved every bit of it!
  Also... If (when) you read Of Poseidon, make sure you have book two (Of Triton) and book three (Of Neptune) right near you. I didn't, because it hadn't come out yet, and it's been killing me ever since!
  These books are so worth a marathon read. Read them straight though, on vacation, near the water, with a floofy summer drink near you, because I cannot imagine anything quite as blissful.

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