Sunday, May 25, 2014

Falling Back Together by Kristen Hope Mazzola

  When I first launched The Literary Connoisseur and dove headfirst into the blogger/Indie author community, I was intrigued by Kristen Hope Mazzola's Crashing Back Down. It seemed that everywhere I looked, I saw that iconic black and blue cover.
  Not to mention every time I turned around, another blogger friend was gushing about how incredible Mags and Walker's story was.
  I started Crashing Back Down, I finished it, my jaw dropped, and I cried out for book two.
  There was no bigger "OMG" moment than the one at the end of Crashing Back Down.
  But soon enough, Kristen Hope Mazzola heard my prayers and published Falling Back Together. It was just as beautiful, just as entertaining, and just as blissful as the first book (minus the major angst that occurred after the book was over).
  Falling Back Together mends our broken hearts and picks up the pieces from where Crashing Back Down left off. Kristen Hope Mazzola's books are truly a treasure to behold.
  These two books completely balance each other out. Where you have angst in one book you have calm in the other. They're both exceptional, they're both addictive, and they've both had my heart pumping.
  When I finished Falling Back Together I was overwhelmed with ease. Everything was right with the world and Mags was happy (therefore I was happy).
  These books are truly irresistible. Kristen Hope Mazzola will forever have a fan in me.

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