Monday, January 12, 2015

No Grits No Glory by Elaine Calloway

  Brianna and Steven have both lost loved ones. Brianna, her brother, and Steven...his entire family.
  Brianna decides to leave her home of Boston, Massachusetts and makes a life-changing move to the south in Savannah, Georgia, her late brother's favorite place to be.
  But Brianna gets more than what she bargains for when she moves into her new house. She now has some very odd roommates bunking with her (and judging her cooking)... Ghosts. Steven's family, to be exact. Not exactly the best situation to be in when you can communicate with the dead!
  The oldest city in Georgia, and one of the most haunted cities on earth will bring Brianna and Steven together as they join forces to solve a murder, make amends with problems that once tore a family apart, and perhaps cook up a decent serving of cheese grits.
   No Grits No Glory was positively adorable! It was humorous, Brianna was extremely normal (the kind of character every reader- man and woman- can relate to), it had a dash of romance, but not enough to make you sick, and it had just enough emotion in it to make my eyes leak without my permission.
  This book reminds me a lot of a spin-off from some of my favorite books, the Stephanie Plum series. This is the kind of book you want to read on vacation, with a frou-frou drink by your side, as you watch waves ebb and flow.
  This is an ultimate feel-good book, with some added depth and heavy emotion.
  I also found Elaine Calloway's writing very enjoyable and easy to sink into, a trait I find very admirable. I absolutely will read more of her work, and when the time comes (please let it be soon), more Southern Ghost Series books.
  (Side note: I have a bone to pick with Ms Calloway...ever since I started No Grits No Glory, I have had a SERIOUS craving for grits! I blame you for my addiction. *wink*)

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  1. Thanks Rebecca! This review made my day :)
    I have a fun task for you if you started to crave grits! In Sept of 2014, I did a "30daysofgrits" recipes on my blog - it was so hard to come up with that many from various sources but it made me crave them even more! LOL.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, and yes, Book 2 (title is *almost* decided) should release around May 2015. Writing it now; editing and cover art is already scheduled :)

    Thanks again!
    Elaine Calloway

  2. You can read the recipes here and go thru each day! I loved how my friends and family volunteered grits info. I definitely want to try some of the crawfish & grits from my hometown of New Orleans someday!