Sunday, December 29, 2013

Crashing Back Down by Kristen Hope Mazzola

  Crashing Back Down is the sad and emotional story of Margaret "Mags" McManus and her grief and growth upon recently becoming a widow. It's been beyond difficult for Mags, but thanks to her best friend, a few (or ten) glasses of wine, some therapy, and cuddling with her late husband's best friend, Walker, Mags is starting to cope, and she's getting up and out more than before. Perhaps...Mags' loneliness may be short lived after all.
  Crashing Back Down is a quick read, but believe me, you will not want to rush it. When you read this book make sure to take your time and savor what Kristen is writing because now that I've finished it, I wish I could go back and read it for the first time again.
  Now, all of my reviews are spoiler free. I try my best to not flat-out reveal every single spoiler that's been nagging at me for the past twelve hours, but somehow I manage to do it and wait until my friends pick up a copy of the book and are able to freak out with me. So, without spoiling anything...
  If you somehow read this book and don't care for it throughout, be sure to stick with it until the very end...which brings me to my next topic:
  Oh my GOSH, this ending. About 80% of the way through, I was gripping the edges of my Kindle because I was so overwhelmed. Completely and entirely baffled, shocked beyond belief, mouth open in awe, questioning the world around me, etc.
  I could see Crashing Back Down getting the same response that Gone Girl got...not quite as exaggerated, or angry, but I could easily see fans (all around the world) finishing the book and saying, "WHAT?"
  So...with that out of my system, and my semi-fangirling (somewhat) over, Crashing Back Down is an emotional, sweet, and fun read to get into. This is a book you need to read- not because it's the best book in the world (I believe there's no such thing), but because this is an ending you will not want to miss.

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  1. thanks for an awesome review! I am so glad that you enjoyed it!! :)