Thursday, December 5, 2013

Revenge by Janel Gradowski

  Revenge is another book of short and flash fiction stories, just like Haunted (see previous blog post), but now instead of ghosts making you fear for your life, it's people seeking revenge on those who've wronged them.
  Revenge has a perfect combination of creepiness, short tales, and endings that will most definitely leave a lasting impression on you. The story at the very beginning, Addendum, had me shivering by the time I was done with it!
  With Janel Gradowski's books I always find it easy to picture what she's describing, as she's describing it. With her writing, it's easy to imagine what's happening, how it's emotionally affecting the characters, and (especially in Revenge) what the resulting repercussions will be.  As I've said before, Janel's books are fantastic if you just need something short and exciting to capture your interest without being tied down to a 300-700 page book. I have heard that some readers claim that Ms Gradowski's books are too short, and yes they are short, but I think that's the point. The author writes this story that you love and want more of, and when it's done you feel as if it was too short. But it wasn't, it was the right length. It was long enough to get you attached to the plots and their outcomes.
  Revenge will hook you from the beginning and keep you anticipating more until the very last story is finished, and then some after that. Even now, after I've finished everything that Janel Gradowski has written, I feel myself wanting more of her work to delve into. More flash fiction, more short stories, and absolutely more romances with recipes!
  I'm positively smitten with the wide range of genres Janel covers, and I can't wait to experience more of her stories.


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