Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ride by J.C. Emery

  Ride by J.C. Emery is the first book in the Bayonet Scars series, and it may have possibly one of the coolest teasers in the world of literature: "Death comes in Armani. Salvation comes in leather." This here sums up the very plot and anticipation of J.C. Emery's Ride. 
  Alex Mancuso is the Principessa of the family. She is the princess. The baby girl surrounded by her protective Italian family who dabbles in some pretty risky business. The Mancuso family (more specifically Alex's dad) are not the kind of people you turn your back on if you've done them wrong. 
  After a deadly shootout occurs involving Alex's brother Michael, and her entire family is arrested for dabbling in drugs, Alex is taken away from her home and into the possession of a long lost aunt...and a man who infuriates her, and entrances her. 
  I was actually lucky enough to receive an autographed copy of Ride! I talked a bit with Ms Emery and put Ride on my immediate To Be Read list. This book was absolutely engrossing. I really enjoyed it, but if you decide to pick it up and you dislike it, I bet even then you still won't be able to put it down. J.C. Emery's Ride just has that effect on you. You pick it up and you cannot put it down.
  I've read my share of frustrating relationships...but dang, does Ride take the cake! Ryan, the enigmatic bad boy frustrates and angers me beyond belief. So much so that he is probably the only male character I've read about and hated, though I didn't absolutely hate the book. (Unlike another I won't mention.) Because I do love this book. But UGH! Ryan! He's just so infuriating, I wanted to scream at him and Alex. 
  But Alex, on the other hand, was awesome. She was snarky, strong (even at her worst of times), and smart, even though she did some not-so-good things as well. 
  ...Then there will be that spark of recognition in my mind where I see past the horribleness of the character, and discover what the author sees. I get to look past his tough, macho, Alpha Male personality and see him as J.C. Emery sees him...a lost boy. 
  So, long review short, I'll say this...J.C. Emery, I NEED the next book!!! I am addicted to this guilty pleasure. 

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