Monday, December 30, 2013

The White Aura by Felicia Tatum

  I just started and finished this book in less than twelve hours. As I was coming close to the end, I told Ms Tatum, "I just...can't stop. I began it, I got into the story, I have 60 pages left, and there is absolutely NO way that I'm stopping now...even though it's 2:30 am."
  I originally found Felicia and her books through a fellow blogger (who is now a close friend of mine). I won a White Aura necklace and was so absolutely stunned by the book cover that I just had to buy the ebook. I spoke with Ms Tatum, bought her paperback books as well, and the rest is history.
  Well, not quite.
  I just finished The White Aura and oh my goodness, was this a fun read! The story progressed incredibly quickly (theoretically "throwing" you into the story/plot), but not quickly enough to lose your interest, or turn you off, and the ending will have you salivating for more. In fact, not five minutes after I had finished The White Aura, I was already delving into the beginning of The Vessel, book two in The White Aura Series.
  Felicia Tatum's writing is fun, fast-paced, exciting, and it creates the perfect story to read by the pool, or sitting in a comfy chair with a nice cup of whatever you fancy. Actually, strike that. Felicia Tatum's books are suitable for any and every season! They're just so much fun to get into, I already find myself missing her work even though I'm not even close to being done.
  I absolutely cannot wait to read on! But you know what...I can't wait. I've already started The Vessel, and I'm not stopping there. I'm going to finish The Vessel, start Devlin's Descendant, and then have my friends read them so we can discuss with each other.

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