Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Hunted One by Meg Collett

  I received Ms Collett's book The Hunted One (book one in the End of Days series) as an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) for review purposes about a month ago, and was incredibly excited to start it. I read the synopsis, checked out her author page and noticed that The Hunted One was talked about, well before it was even released! (And still is, since it officially hasn't come out yet.) Now I know why...
  As I type this, it has been about 20 minutes since I've finished the book Just, absolutely and positively wow. Based on how easily I fell in love with the story, I knew I was going to rate it around four to five stars, but now that I've finished it and am one step away from begging Meg for the next book, I HAVE to rate it five stars. The author initiates you into this adventure that Michaela, our main character, is thrown into and once you're in, you won't want to be let go. 
  Michaela has just been betrayed by her Archangel brothers and sisters, and was tricked into letting the Fallen into Heaven. Michaela's life long-partner and confidant Gabriel was tossed into Hell, Michaela has just committed a horrific crime, and Lucifer has just ripped off her wings, banishing her from Heaven. Michaela is done for...or so we think. She is saved by Clark, an angel protector, and must fix and stop what has started. Here starts the beginning of the End of Days series. 
  This book will hook you and addict you from the very first page. I would know, because I am a recent addict of Meg Collett's books. 
  There are many incredible and absolutely mind-blowing things about this book and Meg Collett's writing. Among them are Michaela's strong will and backbone, making her a beyond amazing heroine, a character that provides comic relief when you feel as if there's no hope left in the world, and most of all, and my favorite; how easy it is picture what the author is describing. As Ms Collett (and Michaela) was describing the angels and their array of transformations, I could easily picture what was happening as it was happening, without even closing my eyes. When someone was in trouble, I could feel it. When a beautiful or horrible scene was playing, I could see it and I could feel the emotions emanating from it. 
  These are the signs of a soon-to-be New York Times best selling saga writer. 
  Meg Collett has greatness awaiting her, I just know it.
  I am ecstatic, nervous and immensely excited to read on in the End of Days series, and I can only hope and pray that she has mercy on my favorite characters.

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