Thursday, December 12, 2013

Something's Come Up by Michelle Pace and Andrea Randall

  ***Warning: This book is suitable for ages 18 and older due to language and sexual content***

  Something's Come Up is a novella about Carrington (or "Pace"), Steph; the girl that got away, and a night that will bring them back together- perhaps forever. 
  Throughout the novella, I was just dying for these two to have their "Happily Ever After." Every time a problem occurred, or something stopped them from being together, or when they fought, I had to bite my knuckle to keep from jumping into the book and knocking their heads together. 
  Something's Come Up is the first novel I've read with a hunky, gorgeous, and totally drool-worthy African-American male. It was such a nice change... and it was so nice to read about this honest to goodness, "in love" couple. 
  This is the first piece of literature I've read by both Andrea Randall and Michelle Pace, and I've got to say that story-wise, it was a nice place for me to start. 
  It probably isn't the best book to start with overall, because it is a prequel to another series, and also a novella. I think perhaps if I had read more of their work before I went into this story, I would have fallen in love with it. I may even possibly go back to it after reading more of their books!
  Boy, was this story steamy! I had flushed cheeks, sweaty palms, and rapid breathing almost throughout the entire story. Pace and Steph have probably the most intimate, sexy, and steamy relationship I've ever read. Sorry Ana and Christian...I think Pace and Steph have you beat. (Also, great Fifty Shades reference, Pace!)
  If you're looking for a short, sensual and hot read, this is the story for you. It may not be my favorite story in the world...but Pace and Steph will always have a special spot reserved in my heart. 


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