Monday, December 2, 2013

Must Love Sandwiches by Janel Gradowski

  Must Love Sandwiches is the story of Emma, a fairy wing-wearing woman who has hopelessly given up on love after her scumbag boyfriend, Max, leaves her to "concentrate on his artwork." Unless that artwork is named Micah, Emma highly doubts that he's been doing that much concentrating.
  Emma now decides to give up men and focus on her work, her friend Daisy and their social life, and food. But when the beautiful Brad pulls up in his food truck, The Sandwich Emporium, and starts to show an interest in her, all signs point to her hopping back in the saddle.
  Among the many things I loved about this novelette, there were a few that stood out more than others. One, I loved how the story wasn't just focused on Emma. Daisy was involved a decent amount as well, without having the "perspective changes." When I read a book and become attached to the characters and their stories, the last thing I want is to constantly be switching back and forth from perspective to perspective. Emma and Daisy both shared the spotlight equally and it only added to the story.
  Two, the book had a beautiful and substantial amount of depth to it that came as a pleasant surprise to me. One of the reasons why Emma is so hesitant to jump back into relationships is because of her mother and her track record with beaus. Emma doesn't want to become her mother and honestly, after you've read a decent bit about her mother, you wouldn't want her to either.
  Three, Must Love Sandwiches was short and sweet, and even had a perfect little cherry to put on top at the end. Janel Gradowski included a mini section at the very end of her novel that included short stories about the supporting characters and their futures.
  The ending for Must Love Sandwiches could not have been better! Although I did have that panicky moment when you think you have more of the book left because it says you have 10% to go, when really it's just bonus material. I reached "THE END" and I cried out "No!" What is it that Jane Austen says? “...but for my own part, if a book is well written, I always find it too short.” 



  1. I enjoyed this one as well. Have you read Queen of Bad Decisions?!

    1. Yes I have, Serena! I loved that one as well! :-D