Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Queen of Bad Decisions by Janel Gradowski

  This story, The Queen of Bad Decisions, is the second book in The Bartonville Series, right after Must Love Sandwiches. (See previous blog post.) The Queen of Bad Decisions features Daisy, a woman fed up with her deadbeat boyfriend who treats his dog better than he treats her (and the dog ran away a week ago.)
  One day when her boyfriend comes home and demands dinner from her, Daisy decides it's time to leave and start her life over again.
  This book is a tad bit shorter than Must Love Sandwiches (and also had the additional stories in the back), but I would say that I loved it just as much as the first one. Janel Gradowski has a way with entertaining me- and her readers- with a variety of plot possibilities and emotions. One moment I'll be clutching my sides in laughter, and the next I'll be exclaiming "Awww!" in sentiment. Janel Gradowski's books have a beautiful pattern of expressing friendship, love and humor through her words.
  The size of this book is no indication of how good it really is. The Queen of Bad Decisions is short, that is a fact, but the impact of the story makes it seem twice, or ever triple, its length.
  Since Must Love Sandwiches was about Emma, even though I felt it was equally focused on both Emma and Daisy, it was nice to read just about Daisy. I knew as I read Must Love Sandwiches that Daisy had more that she wanted to tell the readers, and wasn't quite done telling her story (pre-Emma's book.)
  So far, I have read all of the Bartonville Series books that are out, but I so wish there were more. Every time I finish a book by Janel Gradowski, I always call out, "No!" when I see the words "The End"- even if I know it's coming.
  The Bartonville Series books are perfect for a short, meaningful and fun read.


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  1. Wow - fun sounding book - I must order both of hers right away. I really like your concept of a book review blog. We must talk.