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An Interview with New York Times Bestselling Author Marissa Meyer

I am so very proud and honored to say that I had the most absolute pleasure to "sit down" with best selling YA author Marissa Meyer, and interview her about her work. I am a HUGE fan of hers, so doing this interview was just a dream come true. She is an absolute delight to talk to, to interview, and to meet. (I've done so twice!) So without further ado, everyone, here's Marissa Meyer!

An interview with author Marissa Meyer:

The Literary Connoisseur: As a writer of Fanfiction yourself, how would you feel knowing someone was writing fanfic about your characters? 

Marissa Meyer: I LOVE it!! When I first found out that there was Lunar Chronicles fanfiction, I was like a kid on Christmas. I was so giddy. I still get giddy when I think about it. Although I can't allow myself to read the fanfiction based on my own novels, largely because I don't want them to influence my own plans for the series, I really love knowing that it's out there. It's such an enormous compliment to know that readers want to continue to spend time with these characters and that they've been inspired to create something on their own.
 The Literary Connoisseur: You base your books off of old fairy tales...What is your favorite classic fairy tale? 

Marissa Meyer: I don't really have a #1 favorite, though I tend to be drawn to those that people THINK they know - largely because of Disney - but that in actuality have very strange things about them. Such as how Cinderella's stepsisters mutilated their own feet to try to fit the slipper, or how Sleeping Beauty's prince took advantage of her while she was sleeping and she didn't wake up until after she gave birth to his kids. Bizarre things like that. I think it's fascinating to see how the stories have changed with time.
The Literary Connoisseur: Are you planning on writing more stories after The Lunar Chronicles are finished? 

Marissa Meyer: Absolutely - I hope this is just the start of a long writing career! My first non-Lunar Chronicles book will likely be out in the fall of 2015. Titled HEARTLESS, it's a prequel to Alice in Wonderland focused on the Queen of Hearts. After that I have an idea for a contemporary action/adventure series that I'm really excited about.

The Literary Connoisseur: How do you feel knowing your books are so loved and adored? 

Marissa Meyer: You know, it's a very strange thing. When people talk about my books, it's difficult for me to take credit for it. I feel like people are talking about someone else's books, not mine, like I'm listening to them compliment someone else's work. When I'm writing, I still tend to forget that anyone is ever going to read this stuff, so then it's strange when all the sudden it's out in the world and readers have THOUGHTS and FEELINGS. of course, it's wonderful and I absolutely love meeting readers, and I'm SO happy that they're enjoying the books - but it never feels "real."
The Literary Connoisseur: If you could say anything to aspiring authors, what would you say? 

Marissa Meyer: Have fun with it! Write the stories that you're passionate about. Don't worry about marketability or trends or publishing - all that will come with time. Your first focus should be on telling the stories that you can't get out of your head and having fun with those characters and that world. There can be a lot of heartache and struggles that come with the writing life, but if you're doing what you love first and foremost, you'll be able to weather them a lot easier.

About Marissa: 

Marissa Meyer lives near Seattle with her husband and their three cats. She's a fan of most things geeky (Sailor Moon, Firefly, color-coordinating her bookshelf...) and will take any excuse to put on a costume. She may or may not be a cyborg.

Marissa's Books:


Book                             ebook


Book                               ebook


Book                                ebook  

To find more about Marissa Meyer,

check out her website here,

her Facebook page here,

her Lunar Chronicles Facebook page here,

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her Goodreads page here,

and her Amazon page here!

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Marissa...


And she was also kind enough to thank her bloggers in her new Scarlet paperback...

Before I saw her last month

After last month <3

Yeah, she's pretty awesome!


Well, I don't know about you all, but I had an absolute BLAST! If you can, check out Marissa Meyer's tour dates, and if she's coming to a town near you, go and meet her! She is absolutely amazing, and the sweetest. 

Also, pick up a copy of Cinder if you haven't already. Not only is she cool as a cucumber, her books are amazing as well!

I wish you all the best, sending you all hugs, and Happy Reading, my lovely Lit-Wits!

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