Tuesday, March 25, 2014

For Now After the Quake - A Father's Journey by Kevin Kato

  For Now After the Quake is the story of Kevin Kato and his survival during the terrible earthquake that hit Japan on March 11th 2011. Kevin, who was living in Fukushima with his wife and two sons, tells his readers about his experience with fighting for survival, and evacuating from Japan- his home- as everything shakes and breaks around them. Power plants are being knocked out, and normal rain turns to acid.
  This turn of events, which seems like it only happen in movies, is now happening right before Kevin's eyes.
  This story is an incredibly inspiring one... No. No, this book is not a story, and these people are not characters. This book is real life and real experiences, and as you read, it will break your heart to know that these horrific events are possible...and happened about three years ago.
  This book is very small, but it leaves a huge impact. As you read, you become entranced with his history and what was occurring in 2011. You don't even realize you're quickly finishing the book.
  Writing this story was absolutely brilliant. I predict that this book, Kevin's tale, his work with the relief fundraisers, and his dedication will get the word out about the Japanese tragedy more than anything else will...it sure has affected me greatly.
  Kevin has now dedicated his life to helping those who are still in need. The proceeds from buying paper copies of "For Now After the Quake" all go to a fundraiser for Japanese relief. Those who were affected by this horrible quake are, to this day, still suffering. It's truly tragic.
  So Kevin is reaching out to readers like you, who might purchase the book, write reviews, tell their friends, and spread the word about his story. His participation in the fundraisers, his dedication to his family, and his commitment to the suffering strangers around him is truly an inspiration.
  Please take the time to check out Kevin's book and the information for the earthquake funds and relief projects listed below.

Buy the book:

All proceeds to go Japanese relief.

Book                                ebook

Buy it on Barnes and Noble here.

Kevin has been working with Catholic Relief Services, who have been assisting his fundraising efforts. 
Here is a video of a traveling daycare for children in Fukushima: 

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