Friday, March 28, 2014

Entangled Souls by Felicia Tatum

  Words cannot express my love and adoration for Felicia Tatum's Scarred Hearts series...but I'll try.
  Just when I thought I couldn't love Francesca and Cade from Mangled Hearts and Entangled Souls more, I'm proven wrong by their eternal love for each other. No matter which life crisis is bringing them down, they always find a way to defy the impossible. Francesca and Cade are MFEO (from one of my favorite movies, Sleepless in Seattle), Made For Each Other.
  Which of course is a no-brainer since Felicia Tatum did, in fact, make Francesca and Cade for each other. I just thought I'd point that out.
  Entangled Souls picks up right where Mangled Hearts left off. If you haven't yet read Mangled Hearts, I won't spoil anything for you, but I will say that Francesca and Cade's worries are not yet over.
  Over the years, I've gotten a bit tired of romances and romantic type books. I feel almost as if it's the same plots and the same stories written over and over again. But with Felicia Tatum's work, my faith in romance is renewed every time I pick up one of her books.
  I also often get irritated with secondary characters and main female characters; their personalities either bland or irritating, but in the Scarred Hearts series...I just don't ever get that feeling.
  It's almost as if I'm shocked at how much I love this series every time I start one of the books. I feel like I have to private message Felicia on Facebook every five minutes to remind her how incredible she and her characters are.
  I love Felicia Tatum, I love her books, and last but not least, I love Francesca and the love of her life, Cade.

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