Saturday, March 8, 2014

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

  I have finally found an author who measures up to John Green's brilliance. Rainbow Rowell has created one of the most incredible and meaningful YA relationships since Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars.
  Look out Hazel and Gus, Eleanor and Park are coming for your first place prize.
  Eleanor is an overweight red-head, who grew up in one of the most horrible family situations possible, and is now a new student in a school where she is constantly bullied. Park is a normal boy. He excels in school, he has a loving, quirky family, and he is positively precious and adorable. But there's one thing that makes him different from all of the other boys in school.
  He's fascinated with Eleanor.
  Together, they make one of the most beautiful book couples I've ever discovered. Eleanor and Park are in my top ten all-time favorite literary couples. Top two if it's YA literary couples.
  Rainbow Rowell writes with a kind of poetry that I've only read in books by John Green and Ally Condie. Their style of writing, and putting things into words is almost magical, almost as if every sentence needs to be savored and contemplated. I cannot gush enough about Rainbow Rowell. She is stunningly incredible, impeccably talented, and a positively beautiful writer.
  I love to take my time when I read her books (I've just finished Fangirl). I don't want them to end! I always look forward to when a book ends, not necessarily because it's bad, but because I want to know what happens! But with Eleanor and Park...I missed them the second I read the last sentence.

  Just in case you need more convincing that it's amazing, read this: 

Still need more convincing? 
Read it. I beg of you- READ IT.

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  1. This was one of my top reads of last year - just so good! And, for me, an added bonus were all the pop culture references which bought back a lot of memories for me as I am pretty much the same age as Eleanor and Park.

    1. Oh I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it as well, Marg! I also love Rainbow's incorporation of pop culture!