Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

  By the time I started Fangirl (and only after reading Eleanor and Park, one of Rainbow Rowell's other novels) I was already a fan. Her writing is incredible, and I knew that no matter what I read by her, I'd love it.
  I was right.
  This book is called "Fangirl." FANGIRL. What every cool girl my age is. Whether you're a fan of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Supernatural, or...yes, even My Little Pony, you're a fangirl. That's what this story is about, a fangirl named Cath.
  Cath is now attending her freshman year of college, and although she's not accustomed to this way of life yet, she has her fandom, Simon Snow, and that (and her fanfiction) is all she needs in life. Cath learns life lessons that every young adult has to learn, she makes new friends, and- of course- continues to obsess over Simon Snow.
  Simon Snow is the fictional equivalent of Harry Potter, and how Cath feels about Simon Snow, I have felt and continue to feel about the Harry Potter fandom. So I'm sure you are now aware of how much I connected to this book.
  Fangirl didn't have the emotional turmoil that Eleanor and Park had, but it had double the humor, and it had more relatable main characters- for me. Eleanor was tortured, sarcastic, and cynical, whereas Cath is dorky, awkward, and sarcastic (in a slightly different way). They both have their positives, and they both have their irresistible charms.
  As I said in my previous book review (scroll down if you haven't read it yet), Rainbow Rowell is absolutely incredible. Beyond amazing, light-years from awesome, and a lifetime away from good- she is positively exceptional.
  I didn't expect Fangirl to affect me as it did. It was so fluffy and incredibly fun to read, I didn't expect to get so emotionally tied to the story. But (and don't worry, nobody dies, and there are no spoilers) the ending had me in a puddle of tears. It was...It was emotionally satisfying.

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  1. I still need to read this! Hopefully I will get to it before her next book comes out!

  2. Just finished the audiobook -- LOVED IT!
    When I returned it to the library, I picked up another Rainbow Rowell title called Landline, can't wait to start it.