Sunday, September 15, 2013

Matilda's Freedom by Téa Cooper

  In Nineteenth Century Australia, we meet the tomboy and shy debutante Matilda, who's just been offered a job to become Christopher "Kit" Matcham's sister's governess, or "companion." While fancying Kit and after contemplating this divine opportunity to travel and explore, Matilda says yes.
  The passion and longing between Kit and Matilda is undeniable. Told in Kit and Matilda's perspectives, we all know how much they want each other, how much they crave one another. But with the difference in their classes and social standings, their romance may not come as easily as we would hope.
  Reasons why I love Téa Cooper's stories: 1) Her main characters (the females) are absolutely incredible. Strong, smart, clear head on their shoulders, and they stand by what they believe in- always. 2) Her male main characters are equally as lovable! Though I sometimes feel, like the heroines, that I want to reach through the book and throttle the male main characters because of the decisions they make. But they are still lovable, romantic and sweet. 3)  Téa Cooper's writing is very easy to read and not unnecessarily complicated in any way. I have problems with certain authors and their writing...where they try too hard to describe a scene and the page inevitably becomes a jumble of unnecessary descriptive words. I am very pleased to say that Miss. Cooper's writing is very far from that, where every chapter is enjoyable. 
  With every Téa Cooper book I read, I love her work more and more. I can't say, "I don't know what it is..." because I do know what it is! Her books are easy to fall in love with and easy to enjoy. 
  When I read Passionfruit and Poetry, I was on vacation enjoying scenery, basking in the bliss of being on vacation and loving every bit of literature I read. I thought perhaps I was in a fantastic state of mind and maybe I wouldn't have the same reaction to Matilda's Freedom, but I was proven wrong. No matter the atmosphere, no matter the state of mind, no matter the situation, Téa Cooper's work will always make me feel happy, content and will always fill my heart with blissful enjoyment. 


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  1. Oh, to hear that one's writing is "easy to read" and "not unnecessarily complicated." (Can't say that about my books/stories!)

    Congratulations on a wonderful review, Tea!