Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meeting Author Jeff Lindsay

  Yesterday I had the privilege and honor of meeting and introducing author Jeff Lindsay during his "Dexter's Final Cut" book tour at one of my favorite bookstores in the world, The Vero Beach Book Center. I had only heard last week that he was coming to Florida, and like when I found out about author E.L. James coming to Miami, I spontaneously decided to go.
  Being a huge Dexter fan, there was no way I could have said "no" to this once in a lifetime opportunity.
  So when I arrived there, I sat and read, chatted with the lovely bookstore ladies- who love nothing more than to chat about books and book signings- and hung out until they were ready for us to sit and wait for Jeff Lindsay to arrive.

  I was so nervous! I was nervous and twitchy to the point where I had to get up and fidget with books because I couldn't sit still. I'm never like that with book signings, I'm always so calm and excited! It may have been because he's such a popular author and...well, he's the mind, the master and the creator of Dexter Morgan! It may have also been because of what was about to happen...
  I was sitting (or standing/fidgeting) and talking to my family when the Vero Beach Book Center publicist, Cynthia, came over and started chatting with us about the previous event (the Susanna Kearsley signing) and what we were up to. In June, when Susanna came down to Florida, I had the opportunity to introduce her before she started her presentation.
  Basically when you introduce an author you say, "Hi, I'm _____, I started reading ______ books when I was ___, I love them, I love the characters, so everyone please welcome, _______!" Not that hard, but when you're doing it for an idol and favorite author of yours, it's a VERY big deal. So while Cynthia was talking to us, she asked me if I would like to introduce Mr. Jeff Lindsay.
  I was shocked! Susanna Kearsley seemed like an extra special occasion, like I had two birthdays this year. I had no idea that I would asked to repeat this very special honor and introduce Jeff Lindsay as was shockingly incredible.
  After I caught my breath and slowed down my heartbeat, I said' "I would love to."
  Yeah, it was pretty incredible. As I was sitting in my chair (in the front row) and trying to quickly think about what I was going to say and how I was going to say it, Cynthia came to me again and asked if I wanted to meet the author before my introduction.
  So I did. I shook his hand, joked with him, he joked with me, we talked about blogging, his books, his royalties (from unexpected countries), his family and what I was going to say to introduce him.
  I shook his hand!!! (Before anyone else, mind you. It's the little things in life...)
  So, I came back to the signing area, Cynthia introduced me, I introduced Jeff Lindsay (I may have stumbled over my words a bit and stuttered a few times...), he thanked me and began his speech...

  ...and read from his latest book, Dexter's Final Cut.

  Next, he took questions from the audience!

  And last, but definitely not least, he signed my books...



  Overall, this has been one of the best experiences of my life and I have Jeff Lindsay, Cynthia and The Vero Beach Book Center to thank for it. 

  Thank you so much for taking the time out to look at my book signing blog post!! I hope you enjoyed it! Happy Reading!!! 

  P.S. If you're interested in the Dexter Morgan books by Jeff Lindsay, here are the links for the first one, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, and his latest one, Dexter's Final Cut. Enjoy!

  Book                                ebook

Book                                ebook

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