Friday, September 6, 2013

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

  The Red Tent is Anita Diamant's telling of the classic biblical story of Jacob and his four wives; Rachel, Leah, Zilpah and Bilhah. Although in Miss Diamant's version, she tells us the details of the story we didn't know, what we haven't learned from the bible; Jacob's relationship with each wife, and the love story of Leah's daughter, Dinah.
  I am not a religious person whatsoever. I have faith, I was born with a religion, I plan on keeping it that way, but it does not control my life/lifestyle. I get overwhelmed with religion very easily and I try not to immerse myself too deeply in it. I was apprehensive to read The Rent Tent because of its religion-based plot, but I was convinced by several friends that I needed to read it...and I did.
  It was fabulous. Interesting, entertaining, full of depth. There was nothing that bored me- it was just nice. A nice, sweet, inspiring and educational read.
  I loved it! I had favorite characters and...well, there was a part that made me sob like a toddler who has just had a toy taken away from them. I only wish it was longer. I would read more and more of Anita Diamant's work: New books, old books, more of The Red Tent, fiction, non-fiction- whatever! It was just so enjoyable I can't see myself saying no to any of her work.
  So, with my personal opinion of this book aside, my professional opinion says that this book is very well written, it's very well done on an educational level and it's a book I would recommend for mature young adults to read in school.
  My mom had read it for her book club, and many of my other friends who decided to pick it up did too, and I find that somewhat tragic. This book should be more well known and more popular. It should be on the best selling table at Books-A-Million. It should replace many other books on that table that aren't better than it, or even as good.
  So, I've made it my goal to get more people (friends or perfect strangers) to read this book. Give it a chance, go into it with an open mind. You may hate it (I don't expect everyone to love it) but look at it as a treasure. It's something that should be cherished and adored.
  And hopefully, after enough time, I'll be able to walk into Books-A-Million and see in out on display for everyone in the world to see.

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  1. This is one of the books that made me want to start writing book reviews. I listened to the audio version and loved it so much I, make that needed... to talk to someone, to anyone about it!

  2. Hmmmm where did my comment go?

  3. Let's try this again . . . This is a book that every woman should read, IMHO. After I read it, over 10 years ago, I bought 6 more copies and gave them to my DD and 5 of her best friends. Not sure they read it but if they didn't, it wasn't that they didn't have the opportunity. This book is certainly a classic and I often see it on bookstore tables with the other classics. Glad you enjoyed it and recommended it to others.