Monday, September 9, 2013

World War Z by Max Brooks

  Told by survivors of the zombie apocalypse, World War Z by Max Brooks is written entirely via interview style. The narrator talks to survivors from all over the world who have tragic, adventurous and scary stories to tell of their experiences, and survival of the Second Civil War or...World War Z.
  Max Brooks just so happens to be the son of film director, actor and comedian, Mel Brooks, and is also the author of many other zombie books (i.e. The Zombie Survival Guide).
  This book was chosen for my local book club's Book of the Month and I was very excited to read it. Besides "infection" and "plague" plots that are not quite zombie stories, and books like Carrie Ryan's The Forest of Hands and Teeth, I had not read many zombie books. So when it was chosen, I was VERY excited.
  I wont say that I was disappointed with the book, I'll just say that I didn't expect it to...turn out the way it did. I didn't expect the writing style to be so unique, I didn't expect the characters to go into such long details about military aircraft (what they are, what they do, etc.) and I didn't much talking.
  Silly of me, I know. I should have figured it was going to be all talking since it was all interview format. (Shame on you, Becca, for not paying attention to the synopsis!)
  I like a nice balance of narrative and dialogue. Narrator thinks, narrator speaks (either to themself or to another person) and repeat. There have been a few books where I make an exception to this rule, i.e. Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, where I could listen to her narrate all day, and TTYL by Lauren Myracle, which is literally all IMs. I love these books just as much as I love a "well balanced" one.
  But for some reason, for me, when I read interviews I get VERY distracted. Even with Carrie by Stephen King, which as short of a book as it is, I got confused and distracted about who was speaking and what they were talking about.
  I'm not going to say that I disliked this book though, because I did enjoy it. I did have "Holy crap!" moments, I had favorite and least favorite characters (as I always do, no matter how much I dislike a book) and I was interested in the plot progression and figuring out what started this whole flesh and brain eating pandemonium.
  I find zombies to be very interesting and fun to read about. For me they're in the same category as vampires, witches and werewolves; these scary and spooky tales "coming back to life" in our day and age. But unlike vampires and werewolves, and unlike other zombie stories I've read and seen, Max Brooks made this horrifying lore into something that seems more than entirely possible. And that's scary.
  Even though this book was not a favorite of mine (whatsoever), I did get a lot out of it.

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