Friday, January 10, 2014

Devlin's Descendant by Felicia Tatum

  I've just finished Devlin's Descendant, the third book in the White Aura series!
  This series is so action packed, there is not a dull moment, not even in one chapter. Instead, Olivia and Scott are racing against the clock to find and kill Devlin's Descendant in order to break the family curse. But it may be even more difficult than they thought...Devlin's Descendant may not be who they think it is.
  I've got a confession to make about this series. As I read on, I found myself wanting to read more about Aiden, Sadie and Anna, as well as Olivia and Scott. Scott and Olivia are the main characters, and they're who the story is based around, but I just...I want more! I want more plot, I want more books, and I want more Aiden and Sadie.
  I've heard from Felicia Tatum herself, that another White Aura book will be coming out this year, and it may in fact be the last one...
  No! I can only hope that Felicia continues to write Olivia, Scott, Aiden, and Sadie's story in novellas. And perhaps, maybe a reunion novella in the future. That's the thing about Felicia Tatum's writing; she always leaves the reader wanting MORE.
  The White Aura series is truly such a sweet series. It's a lot of fun to get into, and once you're in you cannot stop. You'll start the adventure of sorcery, love, friendship, and intrigue, and not stop until you've reached the last page of Devlin's Descendant. (Until, of course, book four comes out.)
  If you're looking for something short, sweet, and (when the right moment hits) incredibly sexy (I've had to fan my flushed face many times!), pick up the White Aura series by Felicia Tatum.

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