Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Vessel by Felicia Tatum

  The Vessel by Felicia Tatum is a continuation, as well as the second book in the White Aura series, the story of Olivia and Scott. Olivia has just met Scott, a sorcerer, in the book The White Aura, and in The Vessel, Olivia is taken from Scott and his and her family, and is held in captivity by an unseen foe. Meanwhile, Olivia is discovering powers of her own...
  The anxiety and anticipation in this series is never ending. The Vessel is just as fast-paced, just as fun, and just as sweet as The White Aura.
  Although, as we get further into the series, more and more problems arise, and everyone may not be as safe as they fact, some characters also may not be who they seem. Felicia Tatum has me turning around in circles and second guessing every character and every safe-zone.
  The plot is very quick, and The White Aura books are very short, with dull moments being non-existent. Now, some readers may not enjoy Felicia Tatum's writing style, which I can understand. Some readers may enjoy more details and less "goings on," and they may crave a longer story. I understand, but I personally quite enjoy The White Aura series. It has me highly entertained and occupied! I want a longer story for curiosity's sake, not because I think it's a flaw.
  The White Aura series reminds me a lot of L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries series, and her Secret Circle series. They're entirely different and unique in their own ways, but for some reason they seem very similar to me. I think it's the "Oh my gosh, this series is so much fun! You need to read it so we can talk about it" factor that makes it similar. Because that's how I'm currently feeling.
  If you're looking for a good light, fun, and exciting read (and also a series to devour in no time), check out The White Aura series. I'm currently on Devlin's Descendant (book three, following The Vessel) and I couldn't be happier to be back with Olivia. Especially after The Vessel's will not want to wait to pick up book three.

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