Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How He Really Feels by Lisa Suzanne

  How He Really Feels is the story of Julianne Becker, and her imminent relationship with her new boss, Nick Matthews. Well, let's rewind a little bit.
  Julianne Becker has been goggling over her completely gorgeous and sexy boss Nick Matthews for a whole year now, and with the New Year approaching, Jules has made it her goal to make over her life, and her love life. But little does she know that Nick has been keeping a close eye on her as well.
  Things start to heat up in the workplace, but of course with great love and lust comes great responsibility. (Did I just make that up?)
  How He Really Feels starts off slowly, and this is for the best. During this time you get the chance to actually meet Jules and understand her character, while at the same time feeling out the relationship that's about to blossom. It's quite genius really, to begin a romance like this. While introducing us to Jules and her history, Lisa Suzanne adds a dash of irresistible humor to the mix, making her heroine one lovable character.
  If there are aspects of a romance that completely turn me off (ha-ha), they are overly detailed sex scenes, couples that "fall in love" too quickly, and an over-use of sweetness. I'm thrilled to say that Lisa Suzanne's How He Really Feels had none of these undesirable qualities. Ms Suzanne's story added a tasteful amount of each ingredient to the story without overdoing it and going overboard.
  How He Really Feels is a very sweet read. I have What He Really Feels (book two in the trilogy) already added to my Kindle, and I'm just waiting to sink my teeth into it. Although...with the way How He Really Feels ended, I fear that Lisa Suzanne has some tricks up her sleeve. Tricks just like the ones that had my heart pounding in book one...

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